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[27 Mar 2005|12:57am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

So far this weekend has been great. Thursday night i went to go see Hostage at the millbury theater with ann and some other awesome people. Then we went to chills after. Then Back to anns to watch the OC we missed today. That episode kinda sucked so I cant wait for next weeks. But it was a great night.  Then it was good friday haha so much staying in and all that stuff. I went out for a little bit on friday then I went to Fire and Ice with some of the girls. It was fun all expect I was sick. I had a wicked bad stomiac ache. I think i get them because I am nervous or something. I get these stomic aches where I cant eat or like move it sucks. But I still had a good time. We went to anns house after walking around the mall a bit. Ann Becky Jen and I just sat and talked which was fun. I Forgot how much spending time with your girl friends can make you happy. So i went home and felt better after that and went to sleep and it was saturday. What a good day saturday is. First I went out to breakfast with the girls cause we go vist adrain in the morning. That was alot of fun but me and becky only had a muffin cause we went out for a very enjoyable lunch to the olive graden after that. Then me and Becky went to the mall and she picked out her prom stuff. The we drove home and I went to the cafe for a few hours before I had to work. Im glad I did that cause I was for once awake and happy when I was at work. :-P Then I went to work. It wasnt that bad because I worked in baby and its so quite and boirng over there it was a nice change from the sucky fitting rooms that I will have to do tomorrow...well today now :-/ O well they said Easter Sundays are not busy so thats good. Maybe I will feel like shit tomorrow and get to go home early cause im getting sick haha, theres an optomistic view about getting sick for ya! Anyways Im going to get back to watching Cold Mountain. nights ya all


[23 Mar 2005|07:42pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Have you ever felt you need to run away?....yea thats how im feeling right now

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[19 Mar 2005|01:36pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Well its been quite a week thats for sure. A very stressfull one to say the least. I had that looong physics lab to write up which I didnt even know how to do 1/2 of it thats alright ill just kick but on the next lab no problem. Then I had a English test that I am pritty sure I failed or got a C on it. I learned I am getting a C in all my classes...kinda sucks but I dont really care anymore lol its senior year and im like done! Its funny cause you really dont care anymore. Well thats not funny but I dont know. I have also became single again...ya so its been a long week but im still as happy as one can be :-D Last night made up for it all too. Had a real good time bowling and I didnt suck for once!!! yeaaaa! lol :) anyways I think I am gonna get ready for work and leave early cause I want to go buy myself a CD. I dont know which one yet. Maybe the old matchbox 20 one. Cause mines all messed up and tahts like the best CD in the world. anyways im done...latttttttttttttter. hey next sunday is easter! How is it like almost april already? SO CLOSE TO GRADUATION!

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woot! [13 Mar 2005|03:03pm]
[ mood | confused ]

So finally senior papers are done! It feels so good! :) I passed mine in friday. Hopefully I wont get it back with an F on it...but i couldnt have gotten done without some little help from my friends. :) Haha at 2 in the morning I was so tired friday.
 This weekend was fairlyl good. I hung out with ann most of the time. Friday night was rather intersting. I went to the cafe with Ann, Pat, Chris, Craig and John. Then we left to go get pizza at...it got better when we went back to pats house. haha me and ann. we are rebles. not really...just kidding. Anyways then pat had to go to work so chris drove me and john home. haha chris let be drive. I kinda did bad cause i couldnt see where I was going in a car I wasnt used too. O well lol. 
 Saturday was kinda boring. I worked  hours during the snow storm...it had to be the slowest I have ever seen the gap. It was so boring lol. Then I went to Anns house to watch a movie. It was alright (the movie). Although me and Ann had the most fun when we were in the car. Talking about how bad of people we are and how we need to get out of this town. haha anyways so I sleept over her house then went to the parade today. I really dont like parades but o well.

last thought...Fucking snow! its snowing again! grr

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Nipmuc Basketball game [09 Mar 2005|10:51pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

You know whats the best feeling in the world? The feeling you have after having a really good night. I have deceided sports is probably the best thing in this world. Most might disagree, but im not saying its the most important. I know this of course, Im saying its the one thing in the world that can make people come together and have a good time. Weather there team wins or there team looses. Tonight was great, even know Nipmuc lost they put on a good fight. I really got into the game, haha if im comfertable around the people Im with its sad how much into the games i get into. I love sports because you can have alot of shit on your mind and you can just watch a game and be happy. I know Im putting a girly twist on a manely thing. Im sorry, Its just I have had alot of things stress me out lately, senior paper, friends, other things and watching a good sports gamne and pgetting all pumped up you kinda forget all those things. Its really nice. Haha im just in a good mood! anyways I] cant wait for baseball now, just the excitment of watching sports again. I kinda forgot why I wanted to be a sports journalist but after tonight I might reconsider it. Although I love talking about current Affiars...who knows doesnt matter right now. GAHH im so awake and its 10:45!!!! this shouldnt be the case haha! I need to go to bed at some point...I have an interview tomorrow at westfield. That will be good. Hopefully, when i get nervous i tend to stutter and what not more then i ushally do, which isnt good haha anyways im out later!



the weekend [07 Mar 2005|05:44pm]
[ mood | blah ]

the weekend was good i guess. Friday night I went to kyles house  b/c he was leaving for college on sunday. His hair got really long but then he cut it says janine! :) That was a good time we watched White Castle. I hate movies that were made for peopple with and IQ of 0 haha. I dont know why I never really could get into the stupid funny movies unless it has adam sandler in it. Which reminds me i gotta pick up that Adam Sandler pakage with Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore it for 25 bucks at Newbury! once i get some money back,...maybe something i get with my tax return money :) I hope to be getting that soon! anywhoo yea so thats that. Saturday I went out with my mom during the day and looked for an irish ring (dont know how to spell it(of course)) for my bday I didnt really like any of them though. So there was no such luck. We went out for lunch at fridays and Ashely was my waitress! god I miss lowells!!!! We all have to hang out soon! :) so Friendlys was good. Then I went after pats later and we got some coffeee at meldivas and after that i felt wicked sick. :( I think there mochas makes me sick, i had one today and still have a little bit of a stomiac ache :( but anways... so i decieded to chill at pats house for the night cause of varous reasons, but then ann called and wanted to meet me at the cafe and i figured maybe a Tea would fix my stomaic and it didnt work, and pat went and got me tums and it felt wicked better. Dont you hate thoughs stomic aches you get were you feel like you have to walk like you have a hunch back cause it hurts so much! grrr! o well but then i did a favor for a good old friend :) anyways so I went home and talked online and went to bed. Then Sunday I had to work so I went out with before work.And yea haha that was my weekend.
  I really cant wait till school ends. Being a senior is really starting to kick in. Its so hard to get homework done....you just sit there online and are like Im gonna do it in an hour and before you know its is 10:00pm and you still havent done your homework. So you say to yourself I will do it at break! Does that happen? Of course not, you get caught up with the newest gossip thats going around the Nipmuc Halls! haha...If an under classmen came up to me and asked me for peice of advice for Senior year I would tell them to not do anything and too not take Physics if there not going into a feild that requires it....cause what they tell you about you looking more competive student is all lies....every college I talked to was like naw it wouldnt have mattered what you took. Its the honors that counts.
 You know what sucks? I lost my Guns N Roses CD!!! I want it back. Today when I was going to pick up my brother all I wanted was to hear a good Guns N Roses song! I got lucky and  November Rain came on and it made me happy until it went away! haha....so deprived
 and my stupid ipods not working. Thoughs things are peices of shit. They always dont work! grr! alright im trying tothink of other stupid things to rant about so I can keep procrastinating my homework but im running out! GAHH! anyways...well maybe I should start that I got alot of Physics and CAA thing to do and blah! Laters!

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[03 Mar 2005|09:39pm]

Morning. . .
What's your favourite breakfast food?: french toast or an omlet
What's the first thing you do upon waking?: hmm take a shower
Toast or pop tart? toast
Sex in the morning or at night?:wouldnt know
Do you have normal sleeping habits?: yea kinda
How many hours of sleep you average?: 8
Get on the Internet before work/school?: yeah
Change your underwear regularly?: deff
Sing in the shower?: nope
Flex in the mirror?: no way

Noon. . .
What your favourite fast food place?: dangelos
Take out, drive thru, or eat in?: Take Out
Bring your lunch or eat from a vending machine?: Bring
Eat in a group or alone?: people
Gossip?: ann and coffee houses
Chew Trident?:depends if I buy it
Are you eating anything right now?: no
Favourite Candy Bar: I dont know i dont like bars all that much I LOVE RPC
Favourite chewing gum: meh dont have one
Does loud chewing bother you?: depends

And Night. . .
What is your favourite sleeping position?: side
Do you dream in colour or black and white?: always colours
Do you sleep alone?: yesss
Have you ever been in a bar?: yea
How about a gay bar?: if so i didnt know i was
Do you drink?: not at all
Do you drink and drive?: no
How about drugs, do you do those?: no
Do you carry condoms?: i leave that for the guy

Name something stupid you've done while drunk: nothin
What are you doing next Saturday night?: hmmmm I do not know ;)
What do you sleep in?: underwear
Kiss and tell?: sometimes
Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: naw lol
Have you ever been intoxicated? uhhh no
Favorite place to be kissed?: lol on the lips...johns answer was naughty
Have you ever been caught "doing something"?: nope ever :)
Are you a tease?: not really
Shy to make the first move?: yes

=Are you a=
Wuss: yes and no
Druggy: of course
Daydreamer: all the time
Freak: i dont know
Dork: yes major!
Bitch/Asshole: oh i can be a major bitch when i want to
Brat: sometimes
Sarcastic: yes, all the time
Goody-goody: yes, but dont want to be
Devil: no lol
Shy: depends
Talkative: yea
Joker: yes
Flirty: of course not

A - Act your age? yes
B - Born on what day of the week? i forget
C - Chore you hate? none
D - Dad's name? ken
E - Essential makeup item? none
F - Favorite actor? benny
G - Gold or silver? silver
H - Hometown? Mendon
I - Instruments you play? Guitar tyring tooo
J - Job title? i do stuff at the GAP
K - Kids? Someday...
L - Living arrangements? mother, father, brother
M - Mom's name? barb
N - Number of people you've slept with? 0
O - Overnight hospital stays? none
P - Phobia? needles and planes
Q - Quote you like? i dont know right now too tired
R - Religious affiliation? athesist
S - Siblings? ryan
T - Time you wake up? 5:50am
U - Unique habit? none
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat? none
W - Worst habit? not sure
X - X-rays you've had? ankle, rist, jaw
Y - Yummy food you make? deffenetly mac and cheese
Z - Zodiac Sign? aquarius

Last good cry: i forget
Last movie seen: Hitch

Last cuss word uttered: shit

Last crush: pat

Last phone call:pat
Last CD played: silvertide
Last disappointment: having to do my senior paper

Last soda drank: milk
Last sexual fantasy: good question
Last time in love: now

stupid thingCollapse )
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grrrrr [03 Mar 2005|02:20pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

yea so i got my laptop :) I love it. 

yea so im back in schoool cant wait to graduate haha.

yep thats all I have time for cause of the god damn senior paper.
 whose idea was this anyway? and when you find that out...remind me to kill them for revenge later.

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[27 Feb 2005|05:45pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Have you ever noticed when REALLY not in the mood thats when people like to piss you off the most? or bad things happen. Its never when you are like I LOVE EVERONE!!!!!!!!!! its when you are like I FUCKING HATE EVERYONE. I'll explain. Like today...worked sucked. It always does but I just suck it up ushally, but today I just wanted to cry...I almost did. Maybe its pre...ehhh nm but like It was like lets leave everything in the fitting room today. It really didnt end. I ushally have a few seconds to take a breather but not today. At the end of the day when I thought I had everything done I look it two rooms and i think I could have swam in the clothes the two people left. Alone. So I start to bring one room back and then these middle school bitches decided to try on the whole store. grrr. THen I hit my head while bringing everything back. Thats when I almost started to cry. Girly and pathetic i know. I laughed at myself at first...but then I started to think about how much I wanted ttoday to end. So of course when I got home some i but an away message that says people piss me off...just cause i was getting more mad when i get home...then someone tells me im being pathetic? Exuse me? when do I every put up those kind of away messaages...believe me i can think of alot worse like "OMG I JUST WNAT TO DIE" do i do that???   no! so I guess now im not even alowed to be in a bad mood sence I am all the time. now how nice is that. Cause ya know I show it all the time. and of course i go looking for things to complain about. Yea maybe you could have said that about me freshman year but some people grow up....BUT ANYWAYS....
 the rest of my vacy was good. When did i leave off? after boston. Tursday I got called into work and after work I hung out wth john. That was alot of fun. We just went to chillis and then walmart and Barns n noble. Friday I hung out then I went too the providence bruins game with pat for our six months. That was agood time. THen saturday I worked OF COURSE. The went out to a movie with pat...we saw HITCH...such a good movie. Yea know me thinking thats a good movie is bad...thats what you can called pathetic. anyways and sunday I went out to breakfast then went to work. So now i should be working on my senior paper but way to tired and lazy and kinda dizzy. Ill be in a better mood tomorrow wwhen i get home from school.
 o yea I am spossed to have an interview at westfield tuesday...looks lke thats not gonna happen god damn snow!

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[25 Feb 2005|09:31am]
You scored as Mindfuck. Congratulations, you scored Mindfuck. You've probably seen a lot of movies, and have grown to hate mainstream shit. You're looking for the movie that will leave you breathless, and with 21 questions to think about. Check out: Donnie Darko, Being John Malkovich, Pulp Fiction, Memento.






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boston [24 Feb 2005|08:47am]
[ mood | bored ]

the day started out like this.
Dunkin Lady: Um next time you oder this much will you please come in (in a real bitchy way)
Becky: What Size? oh uhh a medium
 I love her! lol funny thing is she really thought that she was asking for the size. Anyways then me tea becky and her cosion got on the trian to go to boston, It was no pats day parade experence but it was still alot of fun. First we went to quincy market but it was all closed so we got some coffee and waited a few mins for the stores to open..WE walked around there. Then we hopped on the sunway and went to cobly square...went into some rich store...then walked over to newbury street. Walked around a little then we were hungry so we decieded to look for food. In this we ended up at the libray which is very pritty inside. So we asked the police officer dude where we could find some food and he pointed us in the right direction and we eventually found food. I was kinda sad we didnt get to eat at Quincy but when we got there it was like 10 am and its way to early to eat then. So we ate a burshics or how ever you spell it. Then we went back out to newbury street...we went dress shopping. God I wish I had that much money to spend. We went into this one dress store where you had to be buzzed in. You think we would get the hint them but know...so we looked at the dresses there only 2300. Ya so you can say I didnt try any on lol. So then we took a walk and we went to look at more dresses. But I couldnt find the one I wanted :( so depressing. I hate it i have it in my head but i cant find it. Anyways after we went dress shopping we went to see how much the duck tours where. After finding out they were like 30 bucks a peice we turned it down lol. So we went to the aquarum but that was to expensive too. So we too the T back to park Street and walked around bolyston for a little while then headed back to South Station. Grabbed a star bucks. and caought the train home. Where some guy left his lap top. Thats gotta suck. anyways. So that was a good day. But the rest of the vacy was fun too. Monday I didnt do much at all becideds going out to the caffee with becky and her cosin. Then on Tuesday I went to the mall with kim and then went to the movies with tea and becky and her cosin. That was fun. and now its tursday! and i have to get my senior paper done. GAH!


[20 Feb 2005|08:13pm]
[ mood | bored ]

hmmm...this weekend was good. Friday was good I went out with tea and adrian after school and had some fun then I went to pats to celebrate vday. Saturday I worked from 1-6 then went to the mall with Sean Chris and Pat...that was interesting lol I just wanted to do a girly shopping but I couldnt :( but it was still good fun. Then we went to pats after...and today I just went out for a coffee with with pat and hung out for awhile...watched NASCAR with his brother haha...but thats about all.
 O yea then there was the whole racoon insident...there was a rocoon on my deck and teh police came over and pushed it off my deck :( they didnt kill it though...hopefully...but thats about all later

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[17 Feb 2005|08:58pm]
You scored as Jimmy. You are somewhat of an endearing clown. You are likeable but not well respected because you sacrifice internal skill development (personal competence) in being too externally preoccupied and people pleasing. You will go farther by pursuing and developing internal interests than being preoccupied with keeping people happy.




























What OC character are you?
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[16 Feb 2005|02:34pm]
haha I got this from John :)
If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought? Post your reply, then post this in your LJ and find out what my answer would be.
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[14 Feb 2005|03:22pm]
Fill this outCollapse )
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[12 Feb 2005|08:00am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

So I went to the Alterbridge concert. It was so freaking good. Omg I am bring all my friends...well maybe not all mostly ann cause she shares the same music interstest as me and likes to go to concerts but concerts at the avalon are sweet! Cause the crowds dont get nuts and its a cute little club...but then again it could have been cause I was seeing Alter Bridge and not like i dont know lol...anyways.. but all the bands sounded REALLY good. Silvertide had a kick as gutiar-est damn I wish I could play like that.,...I had trouble with simple man...nbut im just starting out..GAH! it was sooo good.
  I guess i tell you all about the day...Friday I went to school boring and it sucked cause it was like a hard day meaning I hade all real classes, WTF im not spossed to have all real classes on fridays and physics last  to make it worse...so I got home then criags pats friend drove us to the franklin buss station...thank god we got there right before the train left cause someone didnt cheak the train times! =O! im just kidding so we too the t in to south station got some boston starbucks coffee...that place makes somekick ass coffee,...if you ever get off at south sation dont get coffee inside just walk out and theres a starbucks right there! so yea then we took the green line to fenway...I miss baseball...anyways so then we went to go eat at the longhorn and time ran out so we ate at the danaglos real quick. with 10 mins to spare..pat was eating slow so I ate the rest of his sandwhich haha.. then we went to the concert when we got there the first band was playing...forget the name right now but they were really good...then silertide came on and they were awesome! and the alterbridge....so after the concert we searched for a drink but no luck and started out way home on the commuter rail and took it into newton. then we had to wait in the cold for like 15 mintutes with the sketchy illegal sunstance smokes...it smelled kinda good though...so haha it was okay...anyways that was the day...I hope to have some boston stories maybe during febuary vacation!

 now im going to wnecs open house with my mom and dad...o yea its my brithday too! haha I forgot!

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[10 Feb 2005|05:36pm]
[ mood | tired ]

"It seems to me that you only want me when you cant have me, you like the chase, and you know what? You can have the chase"
 oc is such a good show!

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today was good [09 Feb 2005|04:17pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

So today was good... I almost started crying cause everyone was telling me first period that I was going to get points taken off my Pysics test for skipping yesterday...which was dumb i thought cause i have missed like 6 days of school over the past 4 years I think I derseve a trip to boston...then I started to think how my dad wants to ship me of to Franklin Perice...gay...anyways...so I dropped my physics test of and she didnt say aything that was good...cause I mean really I would have bought that to guidence. If she did that and knew she was gonna I would have bought it in before school Started...o welll...anyways so that was good then Physics..haha not that bad though watched a few videos and then I had CAA and watched abother movie about kids killing there parents...how sometimes I wish I could (dont really mean that so no one has to go call the cops) that movie was kinda sad...then I had lunch didnt eat anything cause I went out to lunch afterwards...So Me and and Becky went out to lunch at Penera bread which was wicked good then saw the sox ball and trophy which was fun and i got some good pictures. YAYA! so today was good! and then tomorrows tursday with a possibity of NO SCHOOL! WOOOOOOOOOT! then friday! ya! Im going to a concert, Saturday Im going to a wenc open house then going to dinner after maybe...thennn I dont know about sunday probably working. O Yea im working again! and lowells is going up really fast! I think im going to have a job there again soon my like april which is good cause I can do Gap for another 2 months then go back to lowells and hopefully inbetween jobs is all the fun stuff..so thats good! :) ya! like GRADUATION! well thats june more six flags trip, ***PROM*** and other fun Senior stuff! anyways I should get going...shouldnt sit here on the computer all day! LATERS!

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wow. [08 Feb 2005|08:40pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So today I went to the Patriots Parade! It was AWESOME! omg lol...where do I start...
 so I had to accually wake up at 5:30 today which sucked but it was for an aweosme day...in the morning we all went to teas house to meet then all pilled in anns expedition to start our journey. When we arrived at the train station we got out tickets then the guys screwed them up and only gave us one for one way so me and tea had to get the right tickets which was no big. So then Ann and everyone got on the train and we almost lost them :( but we found them and sat down...then ann tells us about her problems and annoces it to the whole train...interesting...soo the train ride in was nothing big...so we get to bosston and spot a star bucks right away...I had my coffee and I was set for the daY! so we head over to were the parade was and we got second row seats...it was awesome...as we were waiting it was kinda fun although it was for hours and the guys behind me and ann and tea were jacking off in there pants...yes you heard me right Odd I know...I was told about this later...ew they were "butt" haha then so yea the parade was fun when the pats went by it was awesome i got alot of really good pictures! Lol while we were waiting they were throwing snowballs and then they tackeled an 8 year old kid!...I was wondering if they used tasers but then I realised thats only in Florida! haha...joke anyways...then they were thoughs drunk people too singing the Hey so...we all joined to amuse them...so when we were waiting we saw a buch of people from nipmuc and we were waiting for them to come over after the parade...until we almost got tramble by horses and eaten by dogs...thoughs were scarey...so we met up with them finally and there was 13 of us walking down the street...all satying together thanks to drew holding up his sign....so we get to this crowed everyone looking to get on the T and something to eat and we loose the other 1/2 that we met up with so we were going to get food then this mob of people started to run away...so we decied it was a good idea to get on the T and go to harvard square which was fun...bathrom stalls in the book store always amuse me "Love is not looking into each others eyes but looking the same direction" and some other quotes in other langues i do not understand...i can barelly spell our own...drews comment was "thtas the most fashiost bathroom i been in" so true...so then we we ate and it was good. then we started to head back we waited in the train station to the mad dash to the train started..thats was nuts! anyways so when we were on the train it was crazy i had to sit on tea...and the funny part was when the train stopped and I was like jeeze it would suck to live there (pointing to the house near the tracks) and the guy in front of me was like yea i know...then there was someone infront of him that was like "my sister lives in that house"...haha then when we stoped again we had to wait cause there was a bitch fight and one of them landed in the train tracks! haha everyone rushed out to see it...so anyways then when the buss was nearly empty with all local kids they started the TZA chant on the buss causet they got ahold of the speackers....
 so when we got off the buss we started on our way home...haha that was interesting drew 1/2 out of the sun roof and then waving his DYNASTY sign. and when we yelled to the franklin girls! HHAHAH good times.... then when we were driving home we saw mrs gilgrest of course we were acting obnoxious and yelling drew doesnt have his seat belt on...of course a cop goes by! omg halarous so after we drop everyone off we go get some subway before pepband and when we got out there was a cop car sittting by anns care appearing to check her plate...nothing happend then though so o well lol then when we pulled out there was another cop...all ironic...so anyways after we went to pep band and it was all good.


[07 Feb 2005|04:12pm]
[ mood | excited ]

PATS WIN! PATS WIN! ahh yes....we win again...it feels great to have a winning team that deseves to win...unlike the yankees....there a buch a poops who dont know the true meaning behind baseball they are just looking for the money...i go on this rant cause i cant stand when yanks fans are like "but your patriots always win" well the deserve it the only thing pats and yanks have in comon is a good coach/manger I will give props to torrie...but the yanks just buy there way...pats dont even have the wins by numbers but win anyhow...
 anyways tomorrow I am going to the pats parade! I cant wait with tea and ann and Drew. that will be fun! I get to go to boston 2 days in a week! YAYAYAYA! o shoot I have to call people at work! meh I will do that tomorrow..cause saturday is my bdday and i am going to go to wnec and go out with patrick later <3 awww.
  aanyways yea so im working again! SUCKS! wtf they call me saturday and are like you are secedualed and im like I didnt know I wasnt working for the past two months so i gave up then they called back sunday...couldnt tell me on the phone saturday that I was spossed to work! GAH! DUMBNESS! anyways so it took away the 6 hours I was going to spend on doing homework! DUMB! TO THE THE EXTREEM! o well at least I gots money now and can buy patrick a vday gift...least I can do for him.
 O yea guess what! the Red Sox ball and trophey is coming to my school on wesnday! meaning we get a 1/2 day! which is so awesome! so that will be fun go out to lunch with a few friends then go back and take a picture with the ball and trophey. I think I want the red sox to buy that ball back! that would be so awesome! I want to start this thing where all the fans send it two dollers to buy the ball back and if you get enough fans to do so you could really come up with alot of money. like say if everyone in my class did thats meh 146*2 which is 294 dollers which is not alot but if you think about how many redsox fans there out there and times that by two, or how ever much you ask for we all could come up with the money! that would be awesome! the red sox deserve the ball Machhkasjhdkjah is a jerk face! GRR!
  anyways...I should get back to doing homework cause i dont know how much I will get done tomorrow due to the fact I have pep band and the parade! laterrrrrrrrrrs.


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