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haha I its peer presure! I have to do one of these random surveys that serve no point and no one will accually read!

First grade teacher's name:: hahaha  you mean bolth of them?...ouch....uhh Mrs Evans and Mrs Pigglet or something like that
Last word you said: "i will see you then"

Last song you sang: I Dont want to miss a thing.
Last thing you laughed at:: Last night when I was out with Kim.
Last time you cried:: ihhh its been awhile....maybe when the stupid teacher told me I was never going to graduate cause my I could never pass my senior paper the way it was.

What's in your cd player?: CD player...hahaha well I guess you can call the car a CD player...I was listening to fuel last night
What color socks are you wearing?:lol socks....its summer....sandals
What's under your bed?: who knows....
What time did you wake up today?: haha 10:45

Current hair:: Messy bun
Current clothes:: AE t-shirt and jeans....
Current annoyance:: When you have a list of people to call and none of the pick up so you get nothing accomplished
Current smell:: my perfume
Current longing:: COLLEGE!
Current desktop picture:: a random beach
Current favorite music artist:: hmmm Matchbox 20 has been for ever
Current book:: I will tell you after this weekend when i get my summer reading for college
Current worry:: nothing really thats going to effect me anytime soon but in the future i guess its if my boyfriend is going to get deployed or not
Current hate:: waiting
Story behind your username:: A song I like?
Current favorite article of clothing:: Probably my gap skirts
Favorite physical feature on a guy? Eyes and height
Line from the last thing you wrote to someone:: goodnight
I am happiest when:: I am just laying down with that certain person
I feel lonely when:: people go away
Favorite authors:: hahaha
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?:: in good old MA :)
Famous person you have met:: Hmmm Brian Daubach, Silvertide...thats about it and I got Jason Vertecks autograph
Do you have any regrets?: no because everything that has happend has brought me where I am today. And I am very happy with taht
Sex or love:: Love.
Favorite coffee:: molto grade pre-sweeten ice late with a shot of irish cream :) damn straight
Favorite smell:: how a guys smells...a good smelling one that is
What makes you mad?:: When people just dont get it...espeshly guys
Favorite way to waste time:: hhmmm probably watching all the TV shows that i really dont like.
What is your best quality?: uhhh i dont know
Are in currently in love/lust?: love of course
What's the craziest thing you have ever done?: hahaha thats a story for a rainy day...hmmm more like hurrican conditions
Do you have any bad habits?: yea like biting my nails
Do you find it hard to trust people?: not really, but i am not as open as i used be
Last thing you bought yourself:: food
Bath or shower?: Shower. quick and easy
Favorite season:: Spring
Favorite color:: Blue
Favorite flavor:: Vanilla....i guess depends in ice cream its blackras choc chip forzen yogert
Favorite time of day:: NIGHT
Gold or silver?: silver
Any secret crushes?: its not to secert...

Do you wear a watch?: nope
Favorite stores:: I used to wear no its one of my favs...damn working there...and American Eagle
How big is your closet?: not that big
Ever spend more then $200 in a store?: not a once

Do your friends know everything about you?:: mostly
What do they tend to be like?:: AWESOME
Can you count on them?: Of course
Can they count on you?: they better know so

book you read:: 65 last term in english explains that i didnt read any books my senior year so i forget
last movie you saw:: Mr. and Mrs Smith. Awesome movie
movie you saw on the big screen:: Mr. and Mrs Smith
show you watched on tv:: uhhhh I dont know Channel 7 news
song you heard:: Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry
thing you had to drink:: apple juice
thing you ate:: French toast
time you showered:: couple hours ago...11:30 ish
time you smiled:: When i got a certain next message :)
time you laughed:: accually probably this morning when my mom said my dad called at 9:00am just to tell us he has a new boss
person you hugged:: Chris probably...damn its been 2 weeks. I need a hug
person you talked to online:: My future roomate
person you talked to on the phone:: Janine
Smoke?:: never
Do drugs?: no way
Drink?: not really
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