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 woooooaa its been sence prom ish! Well i had my last day of school that was fun. We got out at 10:30! NO MORE SCHOOL! ya! And Friday was our senior trip. That was fun. We went to Maine to go to a beach there, Old Orchard Beach. Wicked sketch. Then we went to this clam bake place and i dont like sea food but it was still good. Then we went to Kimbals Farm and that was alot of fun. Then we went to boston to see Blue Man Group. Not all I expected but still alot of fun. Then we went to get some real food at the hard rock cafe which was realllllyyy goood. good old hard rock. Anyways overall it was a good way to spend my friday. Anyways this weekend i just worked Sat. and Sunday. Then hug out after. Then Today I had a parade and hung out with ann after and went to the mall then went to her house with people. It was a good time!
  but you know whats awesome!!! I GRADUATE THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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