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a gold....

This weekend was good. Friday I went to six flags with the band. It was alot of fun. Execpt we only got a last concert ever and we only got a gold...that sucked. but o well. six flags was fun. I went on the flashback, batman, cyclone and I forget what else. Dont listen to what people say ...dont to go the cyclone. What a horrible ride. Lol anyways. So that was fun. Saturday I went to work on the physics project at averys house in the morning for a short bit. and then bought over some weights and went with Chris and got a bunch done. Then went to work, then went to his friends house after work. Sunday was good too went out for breakfast then worked for 5 hours. woot! lol
 so yea there is 12 days left of high school! when did that happen. It really feels like yesterday when I was saying like 65. Im gonna kinda miss it. I think i am just going to miss my friends and hanging out with random people you never really hang out with out of school.
 today I went to the prison with my CAA class. The drive was more fun then the trip. It was nothing touching really. Probably cause i know not to drink and what not form my past. But it was interesting to hear all there stories.
and yea this friday is prom! I cant wait. Although it hasnt hit. I feels like it should be winter semi or something. Its kinda werid.

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