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Last Concert Tonight

I have my last band concert tonight :( thats kind sad....It hasnt hit me yet. Im in such a good mood but i know by the end of tonight I will be crying....I wont do it on my own but when i see my friends getting wattery eyed I know I will. I am gonna miss High School I have the bestest friends in the whole entire world I really do. They make me laugh everyday. But on a happier note this weekend shall be awesome. Friday night I am going to see fever pitch with a bunch of people! I cant wait...the Movie is the sstory of my life. The I have to work saturday night...boooo....then Sunday I will probably have to work haha but im saying I have to be home for 8:00 no matter what happens :-p cause the RED SOX START!
 I have realised something today. That you really should not care what people think of you and you should go after what makes you most happy! It sucks sometimes going after what makes you happy because it hurts people along the way. I hate hurting people....but I mean in the end it ends up being the best thing for them too. Cause if you said with how things where everyone would be unhappy. if you didnt you would be happy! it all works out really. I just need to start getting going on that one thing. Cause people will judge the situation on how it sounds when they dont even know the whole story. I hate that. When people make you feel like shit and butt into your life with out even knowing whats really going on. Ushally thoughs people make it a whole lot worse. But in the end it ends up working out. Theres the end of my random rant for the day :-p
 anyways.....I should get going. Maybe do some homework before the pops concert! HAHAHAHA! right...senior...end of 3rd term....homework.....riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight..  

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