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Home of the champs

Everythings about to change....

Its times like these...
12 February
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Lets see things about me? well...if you dont know me I dont get why you are reading this cause my life is boring...well not really boring just Dont understand why you would want to read about me talking about hanging out with people you dont know and or complaining about a school and town your probably never heard of. BWAH! but anyways...I am 18..going to be 18 of 2/12...:) umm I am big into sports. Espeshly my Red Sox who are the world series champs of 2004...all i can say is REPEAT!...and I love my pats. Also I like to snowboard....ummmm I am a senior in highschool....CANT WAIT TO GO TO COLLEGE going to miss all my friends though...here ill give a quick shouty outto everyone...Courts, Becky, Ann, Steph, Tea, Jen, Janine, Adrain, Shelly :) yea thats about it I guess.